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niching down

niching down

Your niche isn't the only important thing when it comes to representing who you are and what you do on your page. Your value and purpose are just as important. Let's explore these all now. 

finding your niche

Your 'niche' on Instagram, in short, is the type of value your account gives. This could be your expertise, industry, lifestyle choice, or style. Some of the most popular niche's include; Beauty, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Travel, Pets, Fitness, Diet, Home Decor/Renovation and, Parenting. Although you don't have to stick with these - your niche could be anything!


You don't have to have just one niche, but don't have too many either. I would definitely recommend having one main or primary niche, and then between one or two secondary niche's if needed. For example, your profile could focus mainly on fashion, but you may work in some beauty posts and some interior design, perhaps your main niche could be parenting, but you also post food and lifestyle content.

[video] how to find your niche


To summarise, if you're struggling to look for your niche. Have a look at different aspects of your life, and how you can fit them into your content strategy. Here are some questions that you could ask yourself to help:

  • Do you have any Interests/Desires that you could talk about endlessly?

  • Are you in a particular industry? Are you an expert at anything? What could you teach?

  • Is there a particular theme that is already running strong amongst the majority of your existing content that you could strengthen and run with more?

  • If you have an existing account, and about many post many things. Is there any type of content that performs the best on your page? Look at your most popular posts, and see if there are any running themes you could use as your niche?

  • Is there a trending topic, industry or niche that you could capitalise on whilst it is still growing? Get in there first and you could strike big!

finding your purpose & Value

Now that you have decided on your niche, and discovered who your ideal follow are are, it's time to ask yourself these questions (note: this is the most important part of this lesson, and you must know the answers before moving on!). "What is your 'purpose'?". and "What value are you going to produce for other people?". These can both be quite a difficult concepts to grasp for those who are at the very start of their influencer journey, or hadn't really thought about the ins and out of influencer success, but in order to be a successful influencer, value and purpose are two things you need. Let's go into these two concepts a little more now.

A purpose is.....

How you help people

Value is......

How you provide that help

Here are some examples of a purpose:

  • I want to help plus size women feel comfortable, stylish, and confident

  • I want to help other mummy's lose their mum guilt

  • I want to show that it is possible to quite your 9-5 and work for yourself

  • I want to entertain people and make them laugh

  • I want to inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Now let's add value to these purposes, remember: value is how we will fulfil  this purpose for our audience!

  • I want to help plus size women feel comfortable, stylish, and confident through sharing my personal experiences and plus size style, and informing my audience where they can buy these outfits!

  • I want to help other mummy's lose their mum guilt through sharing my ups and downs as a working mum, and affirmations I use to help feel less guilty

  • I want to show that it is possible to quite your 9-5 and work for yourself through telling my story, and sharing my best tips to start your own business

  • I want to entertain people and make them laugh through creating funny and entertaining reels that people can't get enough of

  • I want to inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle by revealing the real cost of our actions, and suggesting more sustainable ways to do daily tasks

I suggest that before you move forward with anything else, you take a moment to sit down and really figure out what your purpose and value will be as a new influencer! Once you have these down, you'll be able to create killer niche audience that fulfils your purpose, helps people to achieve their's to.


If you're struggling with finding your purpose and value, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What might my ideal audience struggle with? Do I know a way to help with that?

  • What might my ideal audience be aiming to achieve? Do I know any ways to help them do that?

  • What might my ideal audience want to see? Can I create that?

FindingYour Niche
Defining yor Purpose + Value
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