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invoicing brands and clients

invoicing brands and clients

Now we've gone over the basics of content - it's time to delve a little bit further into the video aspects of content. Video is the fastest growing content type on the platform - and is the most important factor. As humans we prefer video content, and tend to engage with it far more than photos or graphics!

what is an invoice?

what is an invoice?

In order for you to start getting paid by brands - you will need to send an 'invoice'. An invoice is essentially a payment slip - detailing the activities or items you provided the brand as part of your service as a creator. It is essentially your ticket to getting paid! Brands can not pay you without an invoice. A business will only make a payment if they can provide a paper trail for the reasons behind the transaction. This is to keep their books healthy, and stay on top of the tax man! Every year a business will need to file a tax return, detailing exactly where they have spent their expenses. Their marketing budget will be broken down into activities, one being influencer marketing. They will need dated evidence of these transactions in order to properly perform this task. As an influencer, you are providing a service. As you are providing a service, the brand is essentially outsourcing you to provide a service. Therefore it is your responsibility to send the invoice in order to receive your hard-earned cash! In this module we are going to talk all about what to include in your invoice - and how to follow up with a brand if they fail to pay you!

what to include in your invoice

your information

First things first - the brand needs to be able to identify exactly who you are in order to identify your work, and pay you correctly. This section should typically be the first thing you see, so place it right at the top on the invoice! Make sure to include your full [legal] name. You must use your legal name in order to receive payment, even if this is not the name you chose to go by online. If you have a registered business, you can provide this here instead. In this section you would also typically include:

  • Full [legal] name or Registered Business Name

  • Full Mailing Address [same as registered with your bank]

client name

Make sure to also include the name of the business you have completed your influencer service for. This is important for their books - and to ensure that they are paying the right person for the right job. This will also be important for your own books​​.

payment terms

Next, you need to include the payment terms agreed in your influencer contract that you agreed with the brand beforehand. This will help you to be paid on time. Here is what you should include in your payment terms:

  • Date of Invoice [the date you are sending the invoice via email]

  • Payment [Use the phrase 'Net[number of days] i.e. Net 15 = [15 days to pay including weekend]

  • Payment method [How do you want the brand to pay you? Would you like to receive payment via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Wire Transfer? Include the details for the brand to make this payment (i.e. PayPal email/number or bank details) in this section]

list of completed services

In this section, include a table which includes the different services you completed for the brand [i.e. feed post, reel, story post] and how much you are charging for each [previously agreed with brand]. Also include the total amount the services add up to. In this table, you also have the option to write any notes or information bout each 'item'. Here is a great place to put any links.

own or agency email

Lastly, include an email address that you can contact you on if they have any enquiries. This could be your own email address, or the email of your agent or agency if you have one (and they were the ones to arrange this collaboration).

download our invoice template

Tap the button below to download the editable invoice template included in this course. You can use this as your invoice. Simply fill in your information, and the information of the brand and services provided, and send away!

Your paragraph text.png

what to do if a brand doesn't pay

what to do if a brand doesn't pay

Although many brands have good intentions when it comes to paying influencers, it's important that some companies may have staff shortages, or may be overwhelmed with emails - so every now and again, you may need to chase up a brand for payment. I would wait for at least 2 working days after your payment is due, and then go in with a follow up email. Here is how I would word a follow-up email (feel free to use this as a template for your own follow-ups!)

Hi (brand representative name),

I wanted to alert you that I have not yet received payment for the work I did for you back in [month]. I would love to receive any updates on what my payment will arrive. As a reminder, here are the details for the job:

[service completed]

[Date Completed: 00/00/00]

[Payment Due Date: 00/00/00]

[Total Amount Due: £250]

I have attached the original invoice and influencer contract for this job to this email for more clarification. Here are my payment details:

[Insert Payment details i.e. PayPal/Bank Details]

If you could take a moment to update me on this that would be great.

Thank you,


If they do not respond to this email within 2-3 working days, I would consider taking to road of being ultra persistent. Email a follow-up to your follow-up every 2-3 days. 

What is an Invoice?
What to Include
Invoice Template
If a Brand Doesn't Pay
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