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Get immediate access to the contact details of 100s of brands that work with Influencers of all sizes!!

You know what it's like, theres a list of brands that you'd love to work with, both big and small but it just takes SO long to find the correct email addresses. You want to send over your awesome pitch and amazing visual media kit, and you know you'd be an amazing fit for their brand - but how do you know whether even if you do find an email on the web somewhere, that it will definitely be seen by the right person or team?!

Don't worry babe, I gotchu ;)


Complete Brand Email List 2020



Complete Brand Email & DM List 2020


We've compiled the emails of 100s of companies for you to contact and get instant access to!! Many of these emails are not the generic ones you will find online - and will actually lead you directly to the RIGHT people!!

Interested? Just purchase the full email list below (and add the DM list for only £1 extra!)


Complete Brand DM List 2020


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