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Congrats on getting your hands on our exclusive DM/Email Templates babe!!

But wait, there's more!

We've written and designed to ultimate pitching tool - that will take what you've learnt through our free DM and Email scripts one step further!


We've created an entire course called 'Pitch Perfect' - it's all the expertise, knowledge and inside info from the brands themselves that you will need to land collab after collab after collab, with ease!

By downloading our FREE DM & Email Scripts, you've shown your dedication in taking the first step to advancing your influencer career, growing on the platform, and getting one step closer to working with your dream brands!

WE SEE YOU! And to show our admiration for your bossbabe ambition, we want to give you EVEN more!!

So what is included in this totally awesome course you may ask? WELL, we got you boo ;)

If you decide to get your hands on our Pitch Perfect Course, here's all the goodies we'll give to you:

Untitled design (4).png
  • Our formula on reaching out to brands and get results Every Time

  • 10+ Pitching Templates & Scripts (DM & Email)

  • The PR Emails of some of your favourite brands

  • Step-by-step guide to creating a media kit that will get you noticed!

  • PLUS Bonus+ Guides: 'What brands look for in Influencers', and 'how brands find influencers'!!



today only:


You can buy this on our store right now for the full price of £19.99, but because you came via our free DM & Email scripts, we know you're already interested in taking action and working towards your goals!  So we want to give access to the full guide for only:

Interested? Fill out the form to purchase your copy for only £2.50 today!!


Get your Copy now!!

The reduced fee for this course is £2.50

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