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instagram survival guide 2021

Created in collaboration with Abigail Frances & Natalia Raitomaki

Steal our Instagram Strategy, and learn how we each grew to over 20,000 followers in under 1 year

Instagram today, is nothing like the Instagram of Yesterday. If you want to grow and thrive on the app in 2021, you need to make some serious changes to your strategy!

If you want to succeed on the now "Not just a photo sharing app" platform (now multimedia megaplex of entertainment, education and inspiration), you need to understand:

➤  how people scroll

➤  why people follow

➤  how you can tweak your content & strategy to all of these new areas

Which is exactly what we'll teach you in this new e-book!

what you'll get:

✔  Instagram funnel framework to convert strangers into fans

✔ Tips on how we've reached the explore page (understand how the algorithms work)

✔ Formula to transferring your Instagram into a follower-magnet

✔ Proven viral content strategies and ideas to focus on in 2021

Grow your Instagram and attract your Ideal Audience 

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