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Join the Influencer Database

Hey Influencer! If you've made it to this page it means you must be signed up to one of our Executive or VIP packages! With these membership options you are eligible to be listed on our Influencer Database - this is an internal database that our brand clients can use to search for appropriate influencers for their campaigns.

Please fill out the Influence Data Input table (left) to the best of your abilities. Follower count will be manually updated by us monthly.

Use the description to tell our clients about yourself, your dream collabs, and collaborations you have worked on in the past!

Terms & Conditions

  • this is not an exclusive contract, and you can still work with other agencies if you wish

  • you give us permission to use photographs from your instagram account on our database and when communicating with brands

  • you will be on this database for one year - after which you may choose renew your place if you wish to continue with us, or simply be removed

  • we will take a 15% commission on any paid work found exclusively through us and our agents

  • We can not guarantee work - brands will come to their own decisions on whether or not the choose you for projects. Your chances of getting paid would will greatly improve by following our advise in our 1-1 mentoring sessions, guides, and courses provided to you with this contract

  • In pressing submit, you agree to all of these terms & conditions

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