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hey, future insta-master! Want to learn how to turn your social media into a full-time money making machine?

Here at holler. Academy we've developed the UK's first Instagram course for Content Creators, Influencers and Small Business Owners to be written by a qualified University Lecturer, and recognised by two of the UK's top publications!


If you're ready to start smashing those amazing £5k+ months? Whether you want to monetise through brand collabs, selling your own products or services, or one of the other 7 insta money-making modes - we got you boo!

If you've ever struggled with growing on Instagram, or turning your followers into real life £££ - then this is the course for you!

Earning online is not just a dream! I've taught 100s content creators and business owners to become profitable influencers, land paid brand deals, sell their own products, and make £1000s every month - all through Instagram!

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I've spent the last 6+ years working with brands on their social media and influencer campaigns - and have gained inside knowledge into exactly how brands find influencers, and what they look for!

I've worked as a social media consultant to brands in all industries and niches, and and even spent the two years after my Master's Degree teaching everything I know as a Qualified University Marketing Lecturer!

I have the exact insider industry knowledge needed to teach you the techniques for growth, content creation, brand collaboration, and profitibility you need to know to become a full time influencer!

A semester with me at University would cost you upwards of £1000, but I have found a solution to offer you all of my knowledge, expertise and experience at a fraction of the price!

In this program, I will be giving you my tried and tested results-based strategies to becoming an influential and profitable content creator. This course is jam-packed with 100+ lessons (written and video), tutorials, masterclasses, checklists and printables. Essentially, I will be giving you the only resource you will ever need to become a successful influencer.

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Copy of Copy of make money (1).png

What you will learn:

+ The Exact Framework to go from 0-10k Followers in 6 Months

+ How to Reach out to Brands with Success

+ Copy & Paste Email Scripts to Start Landing your Dream Brand Partnerships

+ The 9 Different Ways of Making Money through Instagram

+ How to Create Killer Content that Attracts Followers & Growth

+ Tried and tested strategies from one of the UK's leading Experts Abigail Frances

+ Industry Secrets from Leading Brands & Experts

Plus, when you join the waitlist you will get these bonuses:

+ Monthly Q&A Group Consulting Sessions Worth £200

+ Printable Checklists, Goals Trackers and Worksheets to hit your goals

+ Content Calendars with 60+ Content Ideas​

+ An exclusive price (only available for those on the waitlist!)

+Access to the course before anyone else!