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As a part of your Standard or Full Membership - we include a making of a personalised media kit. A media kit is a short, snappy visual portfolio that you will send out to brands when reaching out for collabs or paid work! It is essentially a bit like an 'influencer CV' (examples below

To get your media kit made - you will have to fill out the questionnaire below, and send the following information to

Once we have received these details - your media kit will be made between 1 and 14 days depending on how many media kit requests we have at that moment!

Please copy and paste your answers to the following questions to


Instagram Username:


Preferred Name:


Short Bio:


Contact Details:




Instagram Followers (to the nearest 1000):


Audience demographics (age, gender, location):


Engagement rate:


Other Social Media:




✨optional but encouraged✨


Brands you’ve worked with:


Average Likes:


Average Comments:

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