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Want more from your 4-Week Ultimate Influencer course!! 😍

book on for 4 one-to-one sessions

One-to-one Training with Instagram and Marketing Expert Abigail Frances:

Want to get even more out of the four week course?! Add weekly one-to-one sessions to your course for only £9.99!


expertise and qualifications:

Instagram & Social Media Marketing Expert

First Class BA (Hons) Marketing

MSc Media Communications (Distinction)

Profesional Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) certificates in:


Marketing Principles

Customer Communications

Professional Diplomas in:

SEO, Digital & Social Media Marketing


5+ years working with brands and influencers to grow their Instagram accounts and presence online

Qualified University Marketing Lecturer

Serial Entrepreneur

Extensive track record of growth

Former Social Media Executive for Hertfordshire Business School

What we'll go over in our weekly one-to-ones:

week one

full Instagram profile audit

Changes needed to be made to improve profile

We will optimise your profile to be found by brands and potential followers

week two

Current content evaluation

What you can change to improve your content

Content Planning

Creating Value in your posts to improve engagement 

week three

Setting growth goals

planning how we will achieve your growth goals

Going through your insights

Tracking your goals

week four

Writing your DM and Email scripts to send to brands

Advise on Media Kits

Providing you with contact details of brands you'd like to collab with

Helping you find collab opportunities

replying to brands

Want to get all of this over your 4-Weeks for an additional £9.99?

you can sign up to 1-1s at a throughout the course but they will be £5 per session (£20 total for four weeks) This is a great opportunity to get access to one-to-one personalised training for a much lower that normal cost!

add one-to-one coaching to your course now!

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