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MRR: Are 'Master Resell Rights' Courses Worth the Money, or are they just another scam?

If you've been anywhere on the internet recently, it's likely that you've heard about 'Master Resell Rights'. This buzz term is doing the rounds at speeds even Lewis Hamilton couldn't match. But what exactly are Master Resell Rights Courses? Are they worth the money? Or are they just another 'get rich quick scheme' scam? In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into the fascinating would of MRR. What it is, and whether or not you should take the chance on trying it out yourself

What are 'Master Resell Rights'?

Resell rights grant individuals the authorisation to sell a product they didn’t originally produce. Essentially, it's like buying a product and then selling it under your brand or business.


Resell rights come in lots of different forms, each come with different advantages and limitations. Some popular types encompass basic resell rights, branding resell rights, and the more exclusive private label rights.

Our spotlight here however, is on Master Resell Rights (MRR). What sets MRRs apart is their elevated status — not only can you resell the product, but your customers can also resell it as their own. Essentially, you're selling the ability to resell!

What do MRRs Promise?

If you're reading this blog, it's likely because you've thought about the potential to make money with MRRs. So, let's unfold the different potentials assosiated with these resell courses.


When tapped into effectively, MRR courses can open doors to extremely profitable avenues. The best thing about MRRs is that you don't just get to sell them once or twice, but continuously.

Here are a few more perks of Selling Master Resell Rights Courses:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: MRRs present a budget-friendly approach. You only have to invest in buying the course or product yourself once, but you can reap profits over and over again without any extra production expenses.

  • Growth Potential: MRRs can pave the way for expanding your businesses' potential. The ability to resell further magnifies your product's reach. And you can add more and more MRR products to your product deck at any time, making it easy to upsell customers of one course to another. 

  • Time-Saving: Crafting a novel product is time-intensive. But MRRs spare you that effort, allowing immediate sales without the product creation phase.

The Flip Side: What are the Cons?

As with all side hustles, MRRs also have their fair share of downsides. Let's delve in to a few of these now.

  • Oversaturated Market: Given the endless reselling nature of MRR products, markets can easily get inundated with resellers, making the competition to sell online harder. This being said, there are many products on the market that are typically oversaturated - yet still very profitable. The key here is to find your own unique spin on marketing and selling the product to stand out above the crowd.

  • Dependence on Product Quality: Being a reseller puts you at the mercy of the original product's quality, which might not always be up to the mark. Luckily, with the 'viral' Digital Marketing' course that you might have seen being sold recently, the product quality is already very high. And this is coming from me, an ex-marketing university Lecturer.

Leading on from product quality, remember that you don't have to resell the product exactly how it is. When you download an MRR product - you can always make your own adjustments to the product and it's contentsbefore you sell it on.

Are Master Resell Rights for You?

To Invest or Not: The Big Question. MRRs come with their set of pros and cons. Their worth is a direct outcome of how you weigh these two out. And their earning potential really does depend on the amount of work you're willing to put in, and your readiness to find a unique place in the market.

At the end of the day, the side hustle being offered is one of minimal potential loss compared to many other money making schemes out there. And the opportunity to earn your initial investment back is a lot easier than most others too.

How much does MRR Really Cost?

How much running an MRR business costs ties directly back to how much you're willing to invest in it. It can be an extremely low investment model, however there are additional costs you may want to consider.

The bare minimum to start your MRR business, are the product itself (most popular MRR products ranging from $7 to $3999 - the popular and easy to sell Digital Marketing MRR course being $497 or around £400 GBP). You also need a platform to sell your product on. The two I suggest being Stan store ($27/month) which is by far the easiest store front to set up and run - you can be in and out, and selling your product within 20 minutes. The best store front I would recommend in my opinion (and the site you're currently reading this on) would be Wix - storefront plans starting at $17/£14 a month.

A few optional costs you might want to consider, include: a custom web domain, a custom business email address, Canva Pro for graphic design, Chat GPT 4 for content assistance, and Facebook ads for additional promotion. If you wanted to invest in all of these , you'd be looking at around $173 a month (including Wix and an assumed Facebook ads investment of $100/month) - plus the upfront cost of the course, and around $20 a year for a custom web domain.

So depending on what you want to spend, you're looking at around $17-$170 per month!

Which MRR Product Should you Sell?

There are many different MRR courses, and there's a few things to consider when choosing which one to invest in. The main thing you need to remember is, if you go for a low price - it's a small investment 0- however the profit margins will be very small.


If you invest in the $7 MRR course for example, it would take you 15 sales before you even got to $100 dollars, and that's before you've invested in to any additional costs, like websites, systems or software.

If you invest a lot (i.e. the $3999 course) the profit margins are very big, however it will be a lot harder to sell, as it's much harder to convince people to make a purchase that large. You may find it hard to even sell one, which would put you at a $4k loss.

I would recommend going for a mid-range MRR course. Something that's not too big of an initial investment, and will be much easier to sell than a high-ticket course.

The best MRR course to invest in, in my opinion - especially for a first time, would either be our £37 Rise & Thrive Digital Product Blueprint - an easy to read Done-For-You Digital Product that walks you through the step-by-step process of setting up and selling your own digital products. (You can resell this for £37 - or whatever price you think fits the value of the 81-page document!)



Or alternatively, if you want a bit more skin in the game - consider investing in the $497 Digital Marketing Course.

If you invest in this course, and manage to sell just 5 in the first month - then you'll already be in a profit of $4,473. Right now, the course is available for only £397 (which is the equivalent of around $487 - a nice little saving).

If you're ready to take the next step into your MRR journey now with the MRR Digital Marketing Roadmap - tap here or click on the button below, and let's get this bag!

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