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4 Hashtag Tips for 2021!

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you say Instagram?

It’s hashtags! Because hashtags can make or break your Instagram

organic reach, following and engagement. Yes, the pictures you post

are important (Instagram is, predominantly, a visual platform) and so

are the captions (must be catchy, controversial, funny) but there’s a

lot more to the hashtags than just a snazzy symbol. So much so that

you can increase your reach by almost 14% just by using the correct


Here are some tried-and-tested tips on how to effectively boost your

organic reach with hashtags.

1. Do not copy and paste the same hashtags for every post

This is an extremely common mistake most novice Instagrammers

make. And while you assume you are upping your Instagram game by

using hashtags, this one mistake could actually be harming your

reach. Here’s why…

- The hashtags won’t be post specific if you simply copy and paste

them. Yes, even if you post content only related to your niche, every

photo or caption will not be about the same thing so you are

potentially missing out on reach from hashtags that are relevant to

THAT particular post!

- Remember the ‘doing more harm than good’ bit I mentioned? By

doing this, the post will in fact rank low for hashtags it isn’t relevant

to, including the hashtags that are apt for that post, in turn lowering

the overall reach of the post itself. So, in essence, the use of hashtags

would be pointless in this case.

- If Instagram sees this often, it might tag your account for spam-like


2. Use a variety of hashtag types

Mix up your hashtags according to community, niche and popularity.

Hashtags should be relevant to the photo, the caption, your niche and

the subject matter of that particular post. Keep these points in mind

when choosing your hashtags and you’ll get a good variety.

Remember: the more the variety, the more the organic reach, as

simple as that!

3. Do your research

A little bit of effort in the beginning will take you a long way as far as

hashtags are concerned. Think of five larger core niche hashtags to

use as your base and start researching what other popular

Instagrammers in your niche use. This is a great way to discover new

hashtags that you can use to optimise your own reach and growth.

Two ways of doing this are by downloading and using the app

‘Hashtag Expert’, or searching a hashtag in Instagram, and seeing

what IG suggests as a ‘related hashtag’.

4. Get your numbers correct

It’s not just the hashtags you use that affect your post’s reach and

engagement but also the number of hashtags you use. The maximum

hashtags for posts and reels are 30 and for stories are 11.

While logic implies that the more hashtags you use, the more your

reach will be, sometimes it could be detrimental to use hashtags that

don’t match with your post or niche.

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