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6 Ways to Improve your Instagram Bio and Get Discovered!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

✨Six SIMPLE ways to improve your Instagram bio✨

Did you know that Instagram has its own search metrics - and that by optimising your profile, you can come up far higher on organic Instagram searches, and appear on ‘similar to’ accounts on your competitor’s pages and other people in your niche!

Here are our top six tips for optimising your Instagram profile:

1. Have a search optimised name

If you have a personal brand, make sure your name and username include the name that people know you by. Use the Instagram nickname to say what you do/ what your niche is. For example, ours is: ‘holler social media growth’

2. Have a CLEAR profile photo.

This should be high quality, and either show a head shot if you are a personal brand, or a logo if not. Do NOT use group pics, blurry photos, or irrelevant photos!

3. Contact details

Make sure your contact details are easy to locate and use!

4. Your sector or niche

Make sure to include your sector and niche in both your nickname and bio if you can! This will make your account easier to find, and easier to understand for new visitors

5. Use your brand hashtag

If you have a brand hashtag, make sure that you include it in your bio so that visitors can easily find your content, user generated content, and link their content with yours!

6. Links

Make sure your important links are easy to access from your Instagram bio! If you have more than one important link consider making a ‘link tree’

Remember: first impressions really DO count!!!

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