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A definitive list of Banned Hashtags for 2024

A definitive list of all banned hashtags on Instagram for 2024
Banned Instagram hashtags 20204

Shadowbanned and Blocked Hashtags on Instagram for 2024

Have you ever noticed an unexpected dip in engagement on Instagram and wondered why? One possibility could be that you've unintentionally used restricted or 'banned' hashtags on Instagram. In this blog, we'll be going over everything 'banned hashtags' - what they are, why they exist, and what can happen if you use them. As well as a complete list of banned hashtags for 2024.

Why Are Some Hashtags Restricted?

Instagram uses hashtag restrictions as a method to reinforce their Community Guidelines. By monitoring certain hashtags, the platform ensures the content shared on the app aligns with a positive online experience for their users, reducing spam, explicit content, and hate speech.

Effects of Using Banned Hashtags

Using banned hashtags can change how your content performs in a negative way. Consequences may include:

  • Less Exposure: Your posts might not show up in followers' feeds or the Explore feed.

  • Reduced Impressions: Fewer users will see your content overall.

  • Decreased Search Visibility: Posts may not appear in hashtag searches, recommendations, or search terms.

  • Limited Engagement: Lowered visibility can lead to fewer likes, comments, and interactions - ultimately lowering your engagement

The Process of Restricted Hashtags

Instagram's restricted hashtag list isn't fixed; it adapts over time, so keeping up to date with what is *currently* restricted is important. Instagram reviews and changes it's list of banned hashtags regularly, for many different reasons, including:

  • Content Shifts: How people are using a hashtag, and what content is associated with posts that use it can change over time.

  • User Feedback: User reports influence which hashtags are reviewed, including which new hashtags should be banned, and which can come off the list.

  • Sensitive Content Adjustments: As users customise how they use their sensitive content control filters, Instagram may need to make tweaks its restricted list.

  • Guideline Updates: Changes in Instagram's policies might affect a hashtag's status.

Regularly checking your Account Status can help you stay aware of whether your content might be "shadowbanned" (aka, not recommended). Ensure you solve any issues promptly to maintain account health.

Instagram's Transparency Center offers insights into categories that might face reports, such as spam, explicit content, hate speech, violence, and more. Notably, sexual content is strictly monitored to ensure a respectful community. This includes banning hashtags that may not be explicit by definition, but are often used inappropriately.

What is 'Shadowbanning'?

Shadowbanning restricts content visibility without the user's knowledge. This affects both stories and regular posts, leading to reduced content exposure.

Is Your Account Shadowbanned?

Determining if you've been shadowbanned can be tricky. To check, search the hashtags from your recent posts in the 'Explore' section. If they're missing, you might be affected.

In case of shadowbanning, consider:

  1. Reviewing Hashtags: Remove any blacklisted tags from your posts.

  2. Taking a Short Break: Avoid posting for 24-72 hours and refrain from accessing your account.

  3. Disconnecting Third-Party Apps: Only grant access to apps Instagram has approved as partners.

  4. Contacting Instagram: If issues persist, seek assistance from the Help Center.

Guidelines to Avoid Banned Hashtags and Shadowban

For optimal online performance, consider:

  • Staying Updated: Ensure you don't use hashtags that breach the platform's rules.

  • Balancing Interactions: Over-interacting or following numerous accounts rapidly can be deemed spammy.

  • Diversifying Content: Vary your captions, hashtags and content to avoid seeming automated.

Stay informed, respectful, and authentic to optimise your Instagram experience.

What hashtags are banned in 2024?

Here's a comprehensive list of all banned hashtags on Instagram for 2024:























Remember: Instagram's banned hashtag list changes over time, so make sure to stay updated. Avoid using these, and future banned hashtags, in order to maintain a healthy account on Instagram.


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