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How to Create your Personal Brand as an Influencer

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

when you think of a 'brand' - you probably will instantly think only of businesses. You may be reading this as an influencer or content creator and thinking 'why on earth do I need one?'

Well a personal brand is something all influencers should have. Having a personal brand will make you more memorable, recognisable, and will allow your audience to recall you better.

A personal brand is a lot like a business brand. In this section I will talk all about personal branding, in a way that will be useful whether you are an influencer or business!

Here are three things that you should learn to master to enhance your personal influencer brand.

1) Brand Colours

As an influencer - your brand colours may pop up in all sort of places - from your feed and highlight colours, to your email sign offs and blogs! Your colours do not have to be precise - they could just be that you stick to a certain palette - such as nude, soft, cool toned, etc.

One of my favourite places to look for colour palettes is on Pinterest! Simply search 'colour palette' in the search bar and you will get instant access to loads of great potential colour patterns!

Remember to include a mixture of both strong and delicate colours that contrast well together!

2) Tone of Voice

your 'tone of voice' is the way in which you communicate with your audience. This is apparent in your captions, stories, bio, IGTV, reels, and more! This could be anything from; funny, to sweet, cynical, friendly etc.

It doesn't matter what you choose - just keep it consistent, and make sure it matches your audience - who they are, and how they speak. For example, if you are an 'expert' - but your audience is not, try to avoid complicated industry jargon!

3) Content Pillars

Content pillars are the two or three topics, or content type, that you consistently post. For me at holler. My three pillars are educational content (instagram and influencer tips) Inspiring content (quotes, testimonials, results and my own story) and Call to Action posts (promoting a product, service, or freebie!)

These posts, along with the rest of my personal branding, make my profile - recognisably me!

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