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Instagram are now making you pay if you want reach!!

Okay, I'm sorry.. I'm sorry, I got you with the click bait title... but if other creators are to believe, this really is the truth!! In this blog, let me break down what's REALLY going on with IG's new feature offering accounts 'the most reach' when they pay up to $350 to Meta per month!!

So.... what's going on?!

Well, if you've been on Instagram at all today, you've probably heard the CRAZY news that Instagram are making you PAY for more reach. And it's true. Well, at least to some degree, if you're a Meta Verified subscriber.

Soon, you’ll be able to upgrade your ‘Meta Verified’ account to be recommended more on Instagram, and show up higher in Instagram search results!

In recent news on the web page - Meta are looking to add on three additional 'tiers' to their existing 'Meta Verified' membership. These new tiers, by their new names and prices, are:

Meta Verified Business Standard - $14.99/Month (the existing subscription)

This is the original 'Meta Verified' subscription that currently exists, and will be remaining at the original price of $14.99. In this subscription you get:

Verified Badge

Impersonation Protection

Meta Verified Support

  • Access to email and chat agent support

Enhanced Profile

  • Add images and descriptions to your links

Search Optimisation

  • Appear at or near the top of search results

Meta Verified Business Plus - $44.99/month

Not let's get into the new pricier subscriptions. The first being the 'Business Plus' subscription at $44.99/month. The main difference between this and the standard subscription is that you can 'share 3 business addresses' and 'showcase 3 other profiles'.

But the more exciting additions to this priced up option are that you will be able to put links in reels (up to 2x per month) - meaning more conversions to leads/sales if used well. AND - the feature everyone's all up in arms about - you'll have a 'Featured Account'. We can assume that this means you'll be featured more on Instagram and in Instagram recommendations, and have access to more reach compared to if you were to not pay*

*by this, I mean less reach than your own account if you weren't paying, rather than less reach than other accounts in general

So with this new tier, you get:

All Benefits from Business Standard

Meta Verified Support

  • Prioritised support to help resolve your issues more quickly

Enhanced Profile

  • Show 3 addresses, show 3 related accounts

Featured Account

Links in Reels

  • 2 per month

Meta Business Premium - $119.99/month

This one includes some of the newer features from the previous subscription we talked about, but just, like, better. With this (rather spenny) subscription, you're now getting:

All Benefits from Business Plus

Employee Impersonation Protection

  • 1 employee

Meta Verified Support

  • Prioritised support to help resolve your issues more quickly

  • Request a call from a support agent

  • Enjoy exclusive access to the new Meta Verified Business Support home for chat, self service and help content

Employee impersonation protection

  • 2x employees

Enhanced Profile

  • Show 6 addresses, show 6 related accounts

Featured Account

  • More featured

Links in Reels

  • 4 per month

Customised chat themes

Optimise your Facebook Reels (there's no elaboration on what they mean by this)

The key, and kinda confusing here being that you're paying for being a 'more featured' account. What that means... we don't know. Zero quantifiable information here.

Meta Verified Business Max - $349.99/month

Okay so now we have the REAL kicker - you can pay for the TOP package for the wee tiny winsy amount of JUST..... $350/month *(are you kidding me?!)

Here's what you get for that whopper of a fee:

All Benefits from Business Premium

Employee Impersonation Protection

  • 3x employees

Meta Verified Support

  • Dedicated monitoring to help expedite resolution of active business account support cases

Enhanced Profile

  • Show 10 addresses, show 10 related accounts

Featured Account

  • Most featured

Links in Reels

  • 8 per month

Prioritised Ads Review

Expert Account Review

  • Semi-annual

That's right, with the top tier you will be *most featured* (again, whatever that means)....


Are you a creator on Instagram and you're worried about this affecting your reach?

Unsure whether this means you'll have to pay for reach now?

Does this mean that Meta are going back on their promise to promote small creators now?!

Well, the upside is you don't have to worry.

But I'll go into EXACTLY what these changes mean for creators and small businesses (and what steps you should take in order to ensure your account & reach won't suffer) in the next post!!

Abi x

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