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Instagram has Changed their Algorithm AGAIN! How does the algorithm work in 2023?

The New Instagram Algorithm

The ever-changing Instagram algorithm has always been a point of discussion (and, at times, frustration) for many users. With its periodic shifts and changes, adjusting our content strategies on the platform can feel like a right faff at times! But lo and behold, it seems like the latest twist in the algorithm's tale is one that many of us will benefit from!

Instagram's Blast From the Past

Looking at your notifications, you may have notised that right now - older posts are getting a new lease on life. Content from weeks or even months ago is suddenly gaining traction once again. These older posts are receiving likes, comments, and follows well beyond their initial post date. This is a significant departure from the older algorithm, where most of the engagement happened within the first 24 hours, or a few days at most.

The Era of Evergreen Content on Instagram

This shift is excellent news for content creators who invest time and effort into their posts. Remember those meticulously crafted posts that you felt didn't get the love they deserved? Well, their time to shine might just be around the corner.

The new algorithm underscores the importance of evergreen content — posts that remain relevant and valuable over time. Instead of churning out content for the sake of daily visibility, there's now a heightened focus on quality, value, and longevity.

Adapting to the New Instagram Landscape

While the dynamics have changed, the underlying principle remains the same: prioritise quality over quantity. Here are a few tips to make the most of this algorithm update:

  1. Deep Dive into Your Archives: Revisit your older posts. See which ones had great content but perhaps didn't get the traction they deserved. Consider re-sharing them or building on those topics further.

  2. Focus on Evergreen Topics: Create content that remains relevant over time. Think about topics that your audience will always find valuable, irrespective of trends.

  3. Engage with Older Posts: Encourage your followers to explore your older content. Use Instagram's 'Archive' feature creatively or reference past posts in newer ones.

  4. Prioritise Quality: It's not about how often you post, but how valuable your posts are. Quality content can now potentially give you returns for months, so make every post count.

In Conclusion

This recent algorithm shift is a refreshing reminder that good content has lasting power. While it's essential to stay updated with algorithm changes, focusing on creating genuine, high-quality content will always be the best strategy, no matter how platform evolves.

Instagram seems to be recognising and rewarding this more than ever before, so cheers to that!

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