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Instagram just Announced 4 Major Updates to it's Algorithms!

This week, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri released the news that there will be FOUR new MAJOR updates coming to Instagram at the beginning of this summer.

These two updates will majorly change the way the app will work, the content we'll see on our feeds, and the way in which creator's posts will get promoted and pushed. Let's drive in to the changes!

Change Number One: Removing aggregator accounts from recommendations

The first change Instagram will be implementing will be the reduction in reach for 'aggregator' accounts. As Mosseri said, these are:

"accounts that repeatedly (10 or more times in the last 30 days) post content from other Instagram users that they didn’t create or enhance in (any) material way"

In other words, accounts that simply take and repost existing content (without making any changes to it) on a regular basis.

If you've taken a piece of content that you did not create, however you ave enhanced or adapted it in some way (for example, adding your own text, remixing it, adding your commentary, adapting it as a meme for your niche), then this won't apply to you.

This is a massive move, considering that right now these accounts are getting a huge amount of reach, not just on Instagram - but on pretty much all video-heavy social media apps. This would entirely change the way in which social media has been typically run.

The idea behind this change is to give more opportunities creators of original content, and initiators of original trends.

Not sure if you've been bitten by the aggregator bug (leading to reduced reach)? Luckily, you'll be able to check this in your account status in settings. And will have full access to reach back again, 30 days after you last posted unoriginal content!

Change Two: Labels to Show Reposted Content

To encourage people to post original content and deter from simply reposting, Instagram are adding another element to call the 'aggregators' out.

Soon, there will be labels slapped across the reels that have been reposted, and original creators will get a notification from Instagram letting them know that they are being acknowledged as the original creator of the content, and that they will prioritise your post over others that feature their original material.

Posts from other creators that feature your content will also automatically give you credit as the original creator, pulling even more eyes to your account!

Change Three: More Reach for Original Creators

In tandem with lowering the reach of so called 'aggregator' accounts - IG have now also vowed to give MORE reach to original content creators.

“When we find two or more identical pieces of content on Instagram, we will only recommend the original one. This means that the original content will directly replace the reposted content in recommendations.”

Instagram does also clarify that this won’t apply if the re-post has altered the original “in a significant way”, for example:

"if it’s materially edited to become a meme, a parody compilation, narrated with a new voiceover or remixed to express a reaction."

Hopefully encouraging original content even more!

Change Four: Highlight on Smaller Creators


Instagram have given the people what they've been asking for: more reach rewarded to smaller and up-and-coming creators!

Here's what they had to say on the matter:

“Historically because of how we’ve ranked content, creators with large followings and aggregators of reposted content have gotten more reach in recommendations than smaller, original content creators. We think it’s important to correct this to give all creators a more equal chance of breaking through to new audiences.”

Instagram’s new approach will see smaller creators getting more initial reach, to 'test the waters' so to speak. After the initial push in reach - Instagram will be able to establish which posts from these smaller creators have 'viral potential' more accurately. Essentially, giving smaller creators with GOOD content, the reach they deserve!


So what do you think about these changes?

I'm personally very invested to seeing how they turn out!

Where they change the platform for the better, or actually reduce satisfaction in experience is still to gbe seen, but one thing's for certain. Instagram, and the social media scope in general, are going to change, a lot.

The creators who are going to benefit from this, are those who actually make changes, start creating original content, AND: keep up to date with how the platform evolves!

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