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Why Carousels are the BEST way to Grow on Instagram in 2023!

Why Instagram Carousels are the Best way to Grow in 2023
Why Instagram Carousels are the Best way to Grow in 2023

Instagram Carousels are the ONLY Content that's working right now!

The ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing has thrown us another curveball. Recent data from a 2023 study by Metricool presents a surprising shift in content engagement trends.

Trending Numbers You Should Know:

  • Reels Engagement: A significant drop by 76%.

  • Singles Engagement: Down by 15%.

  • Carousels Engagement: An impressive rise with engagement up by 15% and reach up by a substantial 13%.

Given this shift, it's clear that carousels are making a comeback. Now, more than ever, content creators and businesses need to tap into the carousel structure to maximise their engagement and growth.

Here are a few of my TOP tips for getting your carousels to rank on Instagram in 2023!

Maximising Your Carousel Posts: Expert Tips

  1. Strategise Ahead: Always plan your content in advance.

  2. Templates are Your Friend: Use them for speed and consistency. Keep pre-made images ready for quicker creation.

  3. Aesthetics Matter: Incorporate visually appealing images, gifs, and videos.

  4. Simplicity is Key: Create content that even a 5-year-old could understand. Use an easy to read font. Keep your text aligned to the left.

  5. Be Concise: It's quality over quantity when it comes to words. Don't add extra slides that have no clear purpose. We want people to scroll 'til the end!

  6. Caption Value: Add extra valuable in the caption. This includes keywords relevant to your post and niche for better SEO and discoverability.

  7. Stay True to Your Brand: Consistency is crucial. Stick to your branding colours and use 2-3 fonts at most. This fosters a sense of familiarity with your audience.

  8. Mix It Up: Embed videos or gifs for a more dynamic experience.

  9. Narrate: Use storytelling techniques to forge a deep connection with your audience.

  10. Monitor and Adjust: Regularly check your engagement and analytics. Adjust your strategy accordingly.

  11. Get Personal: Include images of yourself. Not only does it create a personal connection, but it also helps deter content theft.

  12. Repurpose: Already have content on other platforms? Repurpose it into a carousel format. Similarly, you can repurpose your carousel content into other formats.

Remember, while hashtags related to the post subject and adding location or alt text can further enhance your post's reach, the heart of any content is its value and authenticity. Keep it real, keep it you, and let carousels be the medium to tell your story in 2023!

Create the easiest Carousels ever!

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Why Instagram Carousels are the Best way to Grow in 2023

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