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Why Instagram Growth Hacks Do Not Work

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

if you've been on the instagram growth journey for any amount of time now - you've probably come across a million and one coaches telling you the best 'growth hacks'

'growth hacks' are essentially quick and easy ways to get new followers onto your account

They can be anything from old school 'follow/unfollow' techniques, to follow loops, engagement strategies, using the right hashtags and creating content that gets you onto the explore page

And.... they work! They get people onto your page that may not have found you otherwise!

So why then am I saying that they don't?

Here's the thing... what these 'hacks' CAN do, is get people onto your page - and even increase your followers!

What they CAN'T do - is keep them there!

This is Sarah ->

Sarah found you through an engagement group and decided to click follow

Right now, Sarah does not care about you, or your content. She is a cold follower.

In short - Instagram 'Growth Hacks' will get you follower traffic (followers to your page) but it is not an overall strategy for growth, and will not work on it's own!

You need to be combining research, analytics, and value into your strategy too!

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