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Canva Content Template Bundles 2_edited.jpg
Canva Content Template Bundles 2_edited.jpg
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Canva Content Template Bundles 2_edited.jpg


How do I use the templates?

After you purchase this bundle, you'll receive a link to a homepage that includes your template links and bonuses

When you tap each template link they will open up in Canva. Replace images, text, colours & fonts with your own content & branding.

There will be more detailed instructions on the homepage to help you with anything else!


Can anyone Purchase these templates?

Anyone can purchase these templates. In order to use the templates you must have a Canva account.

Some elements may be 'Canva Pro' elements - to use these you can either replace them with free canva elements of your choice or upgrade to canva pro here (highly recommended!)


Where can I use these?

Use these templates wherever you want! You can use these for both your own and your clients content after purchasing. Please do not share these links to anyone who has not purchased the templates themselves!


How much can I Customise?

You can customise absolutely everything in these templates. From colours, to texts, fonts, imagery and branding - making it completely your own!


What niche is this bundle for?

This bundle can be used for all niches - however the niches I think would best benefit from 'Power Hour' would be: Fitness Accounts, Business accounts, Marketing Accounts, Educational Accounts, Coaches, and accounts with a primarily male audience

Canva Content Template Bundles 2_edited.jpg
Canva Content Template Bundles 2_edited.jpg
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