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Instagram Audit: a 4-7 page PDF document tailored to you and your page!

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Have you tried everything to get ahead on instagram? Are you sick of all the noise telling you what does and doesn't work? Want simple strategies and solutions tailored to you to help you solve all of your Instagram struggles?

This is why we launched our Complete Instagram Audit service! Walk away with a complete analysis of your account and content, and tailored action plan and to solve your problems and achieve your goals!

Each audit includes:

√  A turnaround of 14 working days or less

√ a 4-7 page document tailored directly towards you

√  A strategy plan and list of actions to walk away with

√  A tailored bio-rewrite to optimise your follows & outcomes

√  A complete analysis of your:

  • Profile Picture

  • Bio

  • Bio name & Username

  • Feed Posts

  • Reels

  • Profile highlights

  • Page Optimisation

  • CTAs & Links

  • Link Pages & Landing Pages

  • Niche & Branding

Imagine this:

 growing your following organically by 1000s of super-fans who love your content

✓ making consistent money just for posting about what you love

✓ working with your dream brands or clients

✓ truly mastering the Instagram game in 2024

save when you buy today



4-7 Page Audit Document

Tailored specifically to you

Complete analysis of your account, content and branding

Action and strategy plan to reach your goals going forward

tailored bio re-write for your page

Turnover in 14 working days or under


who am I?

  • Qualified University Marketing Lecturer

  • First Class Degree in BA (Hons) Marketing

  • Master's Degree in Journalism & Media Communications

  • 10+ Years Experience in the Social Media Industry

  • Recognised as an Expert by The Sun

  • Featured in Yahoo's "30 U30 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch

name is Abigail Frances and I am a serial entrepreneur, and Instagram Expert!


In my 10+ years working in Social Media Marketing, I've grown several accounts to over 10k followers, taught businesses how to make killer sales purely through social media - and have helped 100s of Influencers & Creators to grow their accounts, make consistent 4-figure months, and even quite their jobs!

My vision is to help as many people as possible boss up their Instagram game - and flourish financially without sacrificing their time, productivity or well-being. My goal has always been to create a course that is essentially the 'University of Instagram' - something you can come back to time and time again, and is updated regularly with all you need to know!

I have seen several courses in my time offering Instagram and social media know-how at exponential costs. My skin crawls when I think of people taking out credit card loans, just to buy a course - which is why I vowed to always keep my courses affordable for everyone, but worth £100s.

Okay, are you ready to take the next step to ultimate Instagram Mastery? Let's go!

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Get yours for just $37

*This one time payment of $37 is ONLY available today!

what happens next?

1. check your email for confirmation

2. get access to your audit within 14 days

3. email us if you need any further guidance on the info in your audit (100% free!)

I can't wait to help you!

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